Selecting the Perfect Fabric for your Next Set of Curtains

Selecting the Perfect Fabric for your Next Set of Curtains

Choice of perfect curtains makes a room look awesome. Dull selection will truly make the room dreary. There’s no shame in opting for the usual white curtains but believe us; stepping out of your comfort zone to take up that risk might surprise you! (Otherwise you can always have a back-up plan.)

Sheer Fabrics Varieties

Selecting the best décor means reflecting the uniqueness in your personality. Everything depends on 3 main factors- length, fabric and its style. A whole wide range of colors and patterns in ethnic, modern and abstract variations exist today.
Talking about fabrics, the window panels can be utilized in a diverse ways by opting for sheer, opaque or blackout fabric.

The most readily available curtains in the market are opaque ones, which filter the light effectively. But you need to compromise with the ready-to-hang curtains, as its length and width won’t match with your window size. This will make your entire decor look ugly. Err.
If you wish to visually expand the size of your room, get yourself a customized drapery that will be hanged a bit above the windows and which also gathers on the floor.


Reducing external light is the major aim of putting up curtains. If your living room obtains too much sunlight, a better choice will be to buy blackout fabrics. These layered fabrics block 99% of the incoming light when chosen properly.

Combinations of curtains

Combinations of curtains

Sometimes, it is rather feels happier to welcome some sunlight in the guest room. In such a case, opaque curtains can be layered with sheers that immensely glorifies the look and feel. Your curtains don’t always have to be light colored.

You can mix beautiful netted sheers over bold colored or lined curtains for a jazzy look. Laced sheers can come in a variety of choices which can give bold ethnic look with a royal touch.
You can also opt for informal look using washable fabrics in the kitchen and bathrooms. The casual atmosphere can be accomplished with sheers.

Silky fabric comes in both soft and metallic textures that offer both the classic and luxurious look together. Cotton curtains with a blend of other materials always stick to its sophisticated look.
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