The Ultimate Guide to Home Decor this Festive Season 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Home Decor this Festive Season 2019

Once Diwali, the season of light emerges, all are set to cleanse their houses for welcoming positivity. Pause for a second. What if we tell you about giving a whole new look to your home just by dressing your walls in 2 hours? Yes! To your surprise, we are here to advice you how to give a festive look in just a few hours.

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Wallpapers and wall decor are evergreen trends. They appear as a cheaper option as the designs are replaceable for a newer look every now and then. Wallpapers come in different styles ranging from geometric patterns to a sober beach colors. Chrome and matt textures are used to give a modern look while old and bold wallpapers reveal an antique fashion.

This time, choose a different theme like floral or jungle prints to give a dashing modern look and feel. Play with the color palette. Dress up either wall with bright pop color, while the other ones with neutral hues for adding a dash of quirkiness to this festive season.

Moving the sofa a bit towards the window and placing that new coffee table at the center would make the room appear larger.
Keeping bed spreads and runners handy is a good option to pull over at times when you have a number of guests visiting all day long. Glorify your space with elegant curtains, cushions, bed spreads and rugs.
Mixing colorful cushions over a neutral sofa is in vogue this season. You can also lighten your windows by adding blinds and sheers for a more sophisticated look.

Red Home Decor for Festive Season

Festive accessories:
You can also add mirrors and wall hangings to make the walls more attractive. They will beautify the walls indefinitely by adding up more light on the occasion of Diwali.

What else? Along with diyas and rangoli, embellish entire house using LED light strips and flowers for blending with nature (and your wallpaper & curtains as well) for reutilization.

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